Dimensioning of RC damping units and surge arresters to switch 33-kV 30-Mvar shunt reactors via vacuum circuit breaker at the 33-kV tertiary winding side of 400/230/34.5-kV power transformers
Modeling of a dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) to protect sensitive loads against supply-side voltage disturbances
Overvoltage study for a 400-kV cable system in London
Identification of arc faults in 42-V vehicle power networks
Fault location on EHV and HV transmission lines with and without series compensation, research project funded by the working group for innovative projects, Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony, Germany
Power system analysis of the medium and low voltage supply network of an oil platform in Tunesia
Transient interaction of a 1.5 MW wind generator with the medium-voltage distribution system
Study for the expansion of medium- and low-voltage network of an oil platform
Voltage sags caused by transformer energisation in a 66/33-kV power system
Study of switching transients of a 50-Mvar shunt reactor when switched to tertiary winding of a 250-MVA and 350-MVA interbus transformer
Clarification of a failure in a 20/6.3-kV industrial power network
Digital distance protection of series compensated EHV tranmission lines
Computation of switching surges 400-kV XLPE cable system with the goal to estimate overvoltage stress of sheath surge arresters
Black start energization studies in a 400-kV transmission system for fast system recovery
Measurement and computational analysis of disturbances (flicker) produced by an electric welding plant in the 0.4-kV and 30-kV distribution network
Investigation and expertise on short-circuits occured in a 20-kV industrial power system with co-generation units
Switching study for the 500-kV transmission system of Philippines: Energization/reenergization studies of the overhead lines by taking into consideration of shunt compensation. In particular, surge overvoltage mitigation using pre-insertion resistor switching, resonances on double-circuit vertical lines due to shunt reactors during autoreclosure and single-phase autoreclosure performance of the overhead lines.
Analysis and measurement of neutral point displacement in a 110-kV power system with arc suppression coils under normal system operation due to unbalanced line-to-ground capacitances
Review of TNA studies of the 500-kV transmission system of Java/Indonesia: Load flow studies of the 500-kV PLN system under maximum and minimum load conditions and computation of switching transients. In particular, measures against switching overvoltages such as surge arrester and pre-insertion resistor applications have been studied by means of statistical energization and reenergization computations.
Prefeasibility study of the interconnection Zaire - Egypt. Preliminary investigations of power transmission via 5400-km AC EHV line from Zaire to Egypt
Development and adaptation of a numerical fault arc model for protective relay testing.
Development of a general model of inductive current transformers including hysteretic effects for the purpose of protective relay testing.
Transformer modelling including saturation effects for the development and testing of digital differential relays.
Power system analysis of the 220/132-kV power system of Sri Lanka related to the extension of the 220-kV transmission system. Investigation of the reactive power compensation scheme.
Power system analysis of the 66/11-kV power system of Brunei including future 275-kV transmission system related to a 200-MW Power Station Extension.
Master plan network study of the 132/33/11-kV distribution system of the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority in Dubai.
Network analyis and improvement of the protection system of the 20/0,4-kV-network of an industrial complex in Germany.